I want in!

If you live in (or near) Cambridge and the idea of skating around at high speed knocking other girls over, inventing a violent alter ego for yourself and doing it all in fishnets appeals, we understand. In fact, we encourage these impulses and we’d like to meet you.

If you think all this sounds ace, but you had the misfortune to be born male, then take heart – you can still be involved. We’re also recruiting referees to make sure we don’t elbow each other in the face (amongst other things), so we want to hear from you too.

If you think roller derby could be the sport for you, then here’s what you do:

Get in touch email us at info@rollerbillies.com. We’re happy to answer your questions, and we’d love to have you come and watch a training session.

Come and meet us: We can let you know when we’re training so you can come and see what it’s all about. We have potential new recruits coming to training most weeks. We’ll explain what we’re up to, answer any questions you have, and give you more information to take home. Roller derby is a full contact sport and although we’re very careful with beginners, you do skate at your own risk. Watching, however, is completely safe.

Come and skate with us: Once you’ve been to watch and decided you can’t resist the feel of the wheel, you can come to your first training session – for free! Be aware, you will need full protective gear before we’ll let you on the track. We have some kit we can loan you to start out with, and we’ll give you a full kit list when you meet us. We make sure anyone new is taught the basics and looked after, and we’ll assess your skills and make sure you’re doing drills you can participate in safely.

We take safety very seriously, and we will ask you to fill in a medical form and sign a disclaimer before you can skate. We’re also very serious about respect for one another and the ethics of our league, so all participating skaters will be asked to read and sign our code of conduct.

Whether you’re thinking HELL YES or um, I want to but I’m a bit scared, get in touch. We don’t bite.


47 responses

9 08 2008

Haven’t skated since about 15 years ago…..but i’m intrigued! Would love to pop along and see what the deal is! Currently living off mill road, so it’s a shame I didn’t find out about you guys until tesco had stepped in! Ah well. Hopefully see ya soon.

30 08 2008

Saw you dudes at Pink Festival. Looks awesome, but likewise haven’t skated since I was a kid, and my skates are in CLIP. However, should come along to the fun skate for a laugh… think you have my details already! πŸ˜€

13 09 2008

I haven’t done any skating for a few years, but it sounds like fun. I might come up to Ely and see what you get up to.

23 12 2008

I am a blader originally but fancy turning my sights to quads. I am an experienced skater but don’t know the rules of the Derby. Done alot of half-pipe and street work but a bit too grown up for that now. Drop us a bell when you’re next recruiting. Would love to give it a go.

1 01 2009
Anna C

Chatted with one of you girls at NYE Salon Rouge last night; great stuff what you’re up to (the cupcake was nice too). I haven’t skated for years either but am interested to come and spy a session so let me know! x

2 01 2009

Sounds like a wild ride, would love to try. Haven’t skated either in a few years, but like riding a bike. Always wanted to play football in high school but couldn’t cuz I was a girl. Now this is a way to let it out.

10 01 2009

Hey Quad-Ophelia et al! It’s Nelly’s friend (black girl) that met you at Salon Rouge NYE… Sorry that I missed last week’s training session. However I was hoping that my daughter and I could come along and have a gander at some point? Are you in Cherry Hinton tomorrow?

It looks fantastic, however I am a tiny bit apprehensive as I literally haven’t been on skates since I was 6. Gulp.

Anyway toodle-pip! xx

23 03 2009

I’ve only been along to three training sessions so far, but am completely hooked! Where have you girls been all my life? Heres to spending the rest of it tearing up the rink in a blaze of green, gore and glory!!

31 08 2009
Alexandra Bright

Ooooooh. I spotted your poster down Mill Rd and was most intrigued. Where can I come to watch please?

7 09 2009

Wow…. Been to 2 sessions so far and although i’m aching and sore just from revisiting my youth on a pair of skates using muscles that have long time been out of use…. I have enjoyed every moment of it and I cant wait until i’m in the thick of it and experiencing the game as it is… Thanks Guys for having me!

Till next time!

8 04 2010

Is there an age limit on this? Cause I’m 17 and would lovelove love to do Roller Derby, but I don’t know if thats too young? Whereabouts in Cambridge do you train anyhow?

4 08 2010

I would love to join this group, am a rock chick in need of some serious fun and a bloomong good workout.
I live in cambridge so where can i go??? hollar me xxxxxxxx

8 11 2010

Iam Really interested in this were abouts in cambrige are you, havent skated for years, how and weres the best way to practice ? x

22 11 2010

I REALLY want to come and have a go – it looks like so much fun – please let me know if there is a session I can come along to – the sooner the better!!

10 02 2011

hey well interested in havin a go! would love to come along and see what its all about! let me know when and where! x

12 02 2011

I would love to join up. I would be a beginner but can skate. Are you taking on recruits?

22 02 2011

Ok, I’ll bite at the bait. I’ve seen one roller derby game in my lifetime and it’s
pretty neat. I’m pretty new to the area, I need to exercise but hate working
out unless it’s a really fun activity. I haven’t skated much in my time on
this planet, but I’ve got decent balancing skills.

I’d love to come by and watch a practice/training session. Where and when do
you practice?

8 03 2011

really intrested, where do you guys meet and how many times a week?
ps your in the uk cambridge right?

16 03 2011

Hey I have been trying to get in touch cus I want in but my emails keep getting directed right back to me – does this club still exist!?

17 03 2011

Hey ! I currently train with Manchester Roller Derby team and I’m coming down to your area in April and can’t miss out on my weekly derby fix. Was wondering if I could come down and possibly train/scrimmage with you??

Let me know!

Cheeerrsss πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

5 04 2011
dollie dubyak

we r PCSin to mildenhall/lakenheath in nov of this year
i skate with the minot misfits in north dakota as of now and need to find a derby home as skatin is my life
i have been lookin for a team tht will have me close to where we will be livin
it looks as if u may be it
if u know of a team closer please let me know if there is no one closer what do i need to do to before we arrive in country?

17 04 2011

i really want to join! πŸ™‚

17 04 2011

were do i find you?

22 04 2011

Would love to come try out when and where are you guys training?

24 04 2011
Emma (Haynesey) Haynes

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna! My cousin skates for Liverpool Roller Birds and when I see her pics I SOOO want to do it! Not skated for years but would love to give it a go!
I live in St Neots, not too sure how far away you are? do you know of any others near to St Neots?
Would love to know when your training is and where..


26 04 2011
Beki Hall

I want to play too!?

(ps. the email that you have on your page doesn’t work…)


27 04 2011

I sent an email but it bounced back. Are you guys still going? Would love to check this out!

3 05 2011

Hiya, I haven’t skated in years, but love the idea. Can I come and watch or give it a go? Where are you guys based?

Cheers Jess xx

3 05 2011

I’ve never done Roller Derby before but I’m really interested in trying it – can you give me some more info please πŸ™‚ x

6 05 2011

The email address info@rollerbillies.com should be working again now, for more information please email us and the lovely Floozie Q will send you all the details

6 05 2011

Sorry about the technical glitch. The address info@rollerbillies.com should be working now so if you mail us we will send you all the details.

6 05 2011

Hi we are based in central cambridge, drop us an email at info@rollerbillies.com and someone will give you the details

6 05 2011

Hi, yes we will probably be your closest team, we have a few people from lakenheath who skate with us already. Drop us a mail on info@rollerbillies.com and we will send you some details

6 05 2011

hi rebbeka, email us on info@rollerbillies.com and we will send you more info

8 05 2011

Hi Emma we are based in cambridge city. I don’t know of a team in St Neots, there are a few teams in Bedford though which may be closer for you. If you’re still interested please drop us an email and we’ll get in touch.

9 05 2011

Hi Sam drop us an email and we will send you dates and times for training

11 05 2011
Jenny Tennent


I would ike to come down and watch a training session with a view of taking part. Where and when do you train??

11 05 2011

Hi you can come watch a team training session on a sunday, our beginner sessions are on thursdays. Someone should reply to your email with all the details

19 05 2011
Ailsa Malcolm

15 too young to be getting involved ? Ailsa x

19 05 2011

Hi Ailsa, sorry you need to be 18 or over to play.

23 05 2011

I skate with Haunted City Rollers in Derby. I’m pre minimum skills but pretty stable on my feet. Problem is I’m home for most of the summer and as much as I love my girls, Derby is a long way for Derby practice! Any chance I can come and skate with all of you lovelies? And if so, what day is best for me to attend on?
Mika xxx

24 05 2011

Hi, drop us an email at info@rollerbillies.com and someone will send you details of where we train. You could come along to a mixed level Sunday training session and say hello. Otherwise our fresh meat training is on Thursday evenings and is a 6 week course working towards minimum skills.

17 08 2011

Any of you girls interested/able in ice hockey?

6 10 2011

Hi, I would love to come along, where & when. Cheers fi.

6 10 2011

Hi fi, we run a 6 week beginners course on thursdays 7-9 in cambridge. Email us info@rollerbillies.com and we will send you some details. Also there is more information our new website at http://rollerbillies.com

18 07 2012
julia moore

hey πŸ™‚ i sent email regarding joining beginners training session, can’t wait πŸ™‚

18 07 2012

If you have mailed us you should have been sent a mail with some info about the fresh meat course today.

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