About us

The Romsey Town Rollerbillies were formed in February 2008. After we saw the London Rollergirls kick each other’s asses at their New Year’s Retribution bout in January, we decided that we needed some Roller Derby in Cambridge.

a7-rtrbSince then we’ve had the usual strife finding venues to skate in. We’ve skated outside and inside, done sports halls, car parks, the pub, and the goodwood race track. Over the summer of 2008 we did a lot of skating in the squatted social centre on Mill Road, in the heart of Romsey Town. Right now we skate at the Village Centre in Cherry Hinton, with a couple of new venues in the pipeline.

We’ve been training with skaters from lots of other leagues at mixed scrimmages and bootcamps – Glasgow Rollergirls, Bedford Bandits, Central City Rollergirls, London Rockin Rollers, London Rollergirls, Windsor Rollergirls, Aberdeen Aces, Auld Reekie Rollergirls, Leeds Roller Dolls.. the UK roller derby scene is growing all the time, and we love to meet more of the leagues making it happen.

Roller derby is DIY. It’s grassroots. It’s not sport as you know it. If you’ve got the commitment, the creativity, and violence to share, then you belong on the track. We like strong women, and women who want to be stronger. We like making our own entertainment,  cutting our own hair, and pushing each other over. We like people who know what they like – and if they think they don’t like roller derby, we’ll show them exactly what they’re missing.

Our constitution states our aims:

Via Roller Derby, the Romsey Town Rollerbillies will inspire women to participate in and enjoy competitive sport regardless of their level of prior experience or current fitness. We aim to give all committed skaters the tuition and training opportunities necessary to allow them to excel.
The Romsey Town Rollerbillies will incite women to express their individuality, value their diversity, develop their athleticism – and realise their potential to kick some ass.


If you still don’t get what all the roller derby fuss is about, go to a bout. We highly recommend the upcoming Christmas Quarrel between London Rollergirls’ Suffrajets and Steam Rollers. Check out www.londonrollergirls.com for the scoop. There will be violence and beer. You’d be a fool to miss out.

6 responses

18 07 2008
mr fixietron

cool background

19 07 2008

nice background awesome ladys

28 04 2009
Helena Hancart

I love this picture so much!

20 10 2009
Jet Stepper

hey girls,

just wondered if you wouldn’t mind putting a link to The Round-Up Bout in your Blogroll? I have a link on the blog to Rollerbillies

Jet xxx

20 10 2009

Sure Jet, it’s done!

31 08 2010

That’s my Zephyr.

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