Skates on a Plane!

13 11 2009

We went to Glasgow! On a plane! Here’s what Violet Hunter had to say about it:

So, Hallowe’en saw the Rollerbillies’ inaugural bout… a quick ’support act’ style game with two periods of twenty minutes against the Maiden Grrders – Glasgow Rollergirls’ B team.

I think I can safely speak for all the team when I say it was one of the most amazing days of our entire lives.


A few of us were pretty nervous before hand… as the program said this time we had no gold spandex to protect us, and there were a lot of us who were still bout virgins, or hadn’t managed to get off the bench at Roll Britannia. Still we donned our day of the dead makeup, and as soon as our skates hit the track the nerves calmed down, and the training took over.

The fast period passed in a complete blur, feeling (to me at least) like any other scrimmage practice… only with more rest! We managed to keep the lead for the first half, albeit only by a fourteen point margin. At half time I was frantically texting our fallen comrade Voodoo Doily, and updating my facebook like the true internet addict I am. The fifteen minutes passed quickly, and I started to panic again when I realised that a. I had failed the kit check (my toe stops were loose, and I couldn’t find my tool!), and b. we were still far far away from winning. I don’t know what words were shared amongst the Maiden Grrders, but they bounced back with a vengeance, and after an unluckily-timed trip to the penalty box, we were fighting tooth and nail (gum shield and wrist guard?) just to keep the points even.

action strip

The next twenty minutes were another blur, suddenly official time-out was being called, and we realised we were still absolutely neck-and-neck with the Maiden Grrders! It was sudden death ‘o clock, and time to play our ‘power line up’. Darmonatrix, Tara Bitch Down, Hermaphrodite, Trash Gash and Mollie Cosh took to the track, our hopes and dreams resting on their shoulders. The rest of the team lined up arm in arm, and I swear the mood in that line was one of desperate prayer… I’m sure I wasn’t the only one almost in tears. We all wanted so badly to win, but the thought of losing, and how it would feel to those on the track was just so tangible. I don’t remember calling out anything particularly encouraging during those final two minutes, mostly just ‘Don’t think about it, just keep going!’, and ‘Get up, you aren’t hurt!’. I’m sure if the skaters on the track had been able to hear me crying ‘You’re doing really well’, they wouldn’t have found it encouraging at all…

bench adjusted copy

After some heart-stopping recounts, zebra huddles, and staring at the score board… the results were finally announced, Maiden Grrders 80 – Romsey Town 83!! We all screamed and cried, and leapt about nimbly on our skates in ways that we can’t usually manage without falling over. BLOODY HELL WE WON!!

What an amazing day. Thank you so much GRG for making it all possible, and the Maiden Grrders for being such awesome opponents. You guys are all incredible.


So now, it’s back to business as usual. Somehow I have to come up with some amazing training plans which will keep us up to scratch for the re-match. Eeek!

Thanks also to all our wonderful NSOs, refs, and friends. aWeSoMe Wells and Jolly Green Genocide were line up mangers extraordinaires, and it was good to see a friendly face reffing in the forms of Captain Carnage and Juddernaut. And then of course there’s all our TEA mates, freshies, injured friends, and newbie refs back home who cheered us on with texts and calls. You guys all win. And lots of love and hugs to the LRG girls who came to watch, and left us feeling star struck by dancing with us at the afterparty. You are our heros and our inspiration.

Like that? You can read more from Violet here. Thanks to Wullie Marr for the brilliant photos.



4 responses

13 11 2009

brill violet!

if you watch the vid those 3 points are litterally in the last 3 seconds of the game when 3 of us hold the jammer off in the near corner and mollie makes it to the other end of the straight. man it doesnt get much closer than that.

what a great game!

13 11 2009
rose hypnol

This brought an actual tear to my eye! (I mean, uh, I had a, uh, thorn in it)
COngratulations wimmin! YOu deserve it.

Hyps. xoxo

13 11 2009

That was one of the most exciting bouts I have ever seen and a brilliant debut for Romsey Town – definitely a well deserved win 🙂

16 11 2009
Red N Roll

Im so upset I missed your first bout guys!
But congratulations! Cant wait to see you in action next time!

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