We love guest skating!

3 11 2009

Saturday 17th October was an eventful day for us. Whilst some of the team were in Birmingham for Grange Hell (on which more later), Hermaphroditie, Darmonatrix, and Tara Bitch Down were guest skating for our TEA mates, the Bedfordshire Rollergirls, against the Royal Windsor Rollergirls. It was a first bout experience for a lot of women on the track, and although BRG got into their stride in the second period, Windor’s experience won out with a final score of 168 – 60. Huge thanks to BRG for letting some Rollerbillies join you for your first bouting, well done to both sides, and happy 2nd birthday to Windsor!


Thanks to Daryl Seeley for the photos!




2 responses

11 11 2009
Ruby Hurl

I love bedford! and I love the Rollerbillies, well done all those breaking their bout cherry! and I love windsor – happy birthday, you guys are harcore! And I really, really, REALLY love UK roller derby! Missing you guys in the UK so very much! Hearts out to you all!
Rubes xxoxx

11 11 2009
Bettie Trubble

Thank YOU for joining us! Could not have done it without you. Cherries: popped. Yay! xx

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