About time!

23 08 2009

Another super double bout experience, derby fans – this time it’s the lovely Glasgow Roller Ghouls‘ travel team, the Irn Bruisers, against Manchester’s Rainy City Rollergirls. And us! We’re playing GRG’s B Team, in our first bout as the Rollerbillies. This means our newbie skaters who didn’t get to play as part of Team East Angrier at Roll Britannia – and Violet, who trained the hardest and then got the stupid swine flu – will be skating in front of scary paying public people for the first time. Exciting! We won’t be in gold spandex, but it’ll be Halloween, so we can dress up as zombies. Which are sort of green, and probably love leopard print (who doesn’t?), so that’s perfect. We can’t wait!

carrie on skating




4 responses

23 08 2009

I think there are a few LRG girls coming up for this.. problem is, we dunno who to cheer for because we ♥ you all!

24 08 2009
Bettie Trubble

‘Citin!! Good luck everybody! x

1 09 2009

Yay – I’m really looking forward to this.

19 09 2009
Red N Roll

Doh! Why does ur first Bout have to be in Scotland!? Grr
Good luck girls! but watch out, Glasgow HIT HARD!

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