Disco not Tesco!

12 08 2009

On Saturday, Violet, Quad, and Mollie headed down to get stroppy with Tesco about their plans to turn our former venue, the ex-Mill Road Social Centre, into an objectionable supermarket. Tesco still don’t have the requisite planning permission to trade on or deliver to the site, but they claim they’re opening the store anyway. So now they’re getting sued for making a mockery of the planning process and endangering public safety in Romsey. Go Romsey! We thought we might meet some angry women at the protest, so we headed on over with flyers. No such luck, but we did see this angry dog: obviously so annoyed at Tesco that he glued a sign to his own fur. And later at the museum, we saw a woman who had a leopard crawling out of her ass. We resisted the urge to mug her for her trousers, but we did give her a flyer.

random montage




4 responses

17 08 2009
Violet Hunter

Now if that lady comes to the website after you gave her the flyer, she’ll know you took a photo of her bum!

20 08 2009
Ruby Hurl

RTRB and The Mill Road Social Centre were the best things to come out of Cambridge last year. If it wasn’t for the community of Romsey working together to bring a creative & recreational space for our neighbourhood, The Rollerbillies may never have taken off.
Roller Derby in the UK has venue issues. That’s pretty much the norm (DON’T WRECK OUR FLOOR!), so the MRSC, whilst no sports hall, played an important part in establishing the league.
For decades there has always been a strong community spirit in Romsey, and for me, it’s not just about the freedom of grocery shopping choice, it’s about the freedom of what our community collectively wants. Which I pray to the great skate in the sky, isn’t another Tesco.

14 03 2010

Looks like you are up against the same as us in Stokes Croft, Bristol, where peaceful protestors are squatting the ex-comedy club venue that Tesco wants to demolish….

We need a central website on all these actions!


18 03 2010

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