Get Angrier!

20 06 2009

Cast your mind back to March: it was cold, and summer was ages away. The Rollerbillies were debating whether or not to field a team for Roll Britannia. Just when we’d figured we wouldn’t have enough skaters for a roster, the pub lit up with golden lightening and our fairy godmother appeared. “Oh Rollerbillies,” she said, “you shall go to the Tournament!” Golden sparkles filled the air and five skaters appeared. “Behold!” said She-ra, “from the distant kingdom of Bedford, the Brawlin’ Angels Rollergirls will aid you in your quest – and with your forces combined, you will be TEAM EAST ANGRIER!”

“Awesome!” we replied, “but what will we wear?”

“White and gold works for me”, said She Ra, “but you know what, I think some leopard print spandex would really complete the look.”

Such a vision! Our eyes glazed over with rapture as She Ra mounted Swift Wind, and the pub was filled with white light and swirly gold special effects. “You have the power!” she cried, and was gone.

And so it was that Team East Angrier entered Roll Britannia. Inspired by the awesomeness of our new team mates and bestowed with She Ra’s magical powers, we have developed super human strength, acquired catlike agility – and achieved dazzling styling sophistication. We’re ready! Really! Can’t wait! Rarrr!

TEA1 gold small

team bw




17 responses

20 06 2009
Ruby Hurl

GO TEAM!!!!!! Kick ass!!! Love it!

21 06 2009
Bettie Trubble

I heart Team East Angrier. And always will. x

21 06 2009
Mama Mash Bash

I Love the NAME!!! I want that on a shirt!!


21 06 2009
Hurricane Hayles

AWESOME!!!! Hope I get to see you girls all in action 😀

21 06 2009
Fox Sake

Will you have merch shirts for sale? We hope you will.

21 06 2009
Lexi Leven

Aw, I love Team East Angrier….so awesome xx

21 06 2009
May BeTwisted

please tell me there will be east angrier t-shirts. I need one. I need one like I’ve never needed anything else in my life.

21 06 2009
minx a'matosis

…quadruple doses of good luck East Angrier!!….go get ’em!!….you know we’ll be cheering you on from wherever we are!!….

*wishes she could be there to wave banners aloft* = [


21 06 2009
Nancy Spinatra

I hope those East Angrians remember to pop on their vests under those fiery t-shirts! Blimey – I’m frightened by that logo!

22 06 2009

Glad you girls are gonna make it.
I’ll definitely be needing one of your t-shirts!

22 06 2009

That name is simply frickin brilliant! made me chuckle out loud 🙂

22 06 2009
Grievous Bodily Charm

Brilliant name and I so want a t-shirt. Is your skate out gonna be a Crystal Castles song?? Hehehehe.

6 07 2009
Bette Noir


14 07 2009
Shift Kicker

Awesome shirt. You are now my favoritest team- ever. Can I get a Tshirt too? I will pay real money for it. And it would make me the coolest kid in all of N.America if I had this shirt. I’d even wear it to RollerCon.

16 07 2009
Sailor Cherry

Good luck girls!! I’m cheering you on! xx

19 07 2009

Great name and a great team. Hope you ladies had a great day out at Roll Brit. Really look forward to seeing them again!

22 07 2009
munchin mong

this tournament was the best and working with all u guys was awesome… lookig 4ward to the future!!! ANGRIER ANGRIER ANGRIER!!!! …XXX

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