Smack my Blitz up

21 04 2009

The derby season is in full swing, and the Blitzdames have been busy. So, in chronological order and quick succession, here’s Lexi Leven’s write up for Smack Attack, followed by Mollie‘s thoughts on Dollhouse Devastation:

smackattackThe second bout in the weekend’s double header saw the Middlesborough Milk Rollers making their debut against the Birmingham Blitz Dames, aided and abetted by some willing guest skaters from Auld Reekie Roller Girls and the Bedford Bandits.

After a speedy drive up to Birmingham we took our seats in the bleachers to watch the bout. The Blitz Dames looked confident on their home turf, with plenty of support from the crowd during the introductory skate round. However, as the first period began, it was clear the Milk Rollers were prepared for a tough fight!  Skaters were flying off the track and there were a fair few penalties from both sides to start with, as the teams fought for dominance. The bout started off evenly matched, but as the first period went on the Blitz Dames’ greater experience began to show as they worked together to prevent the MMR jammers getting through the pack. A blistering jam from Union Jack-U-Up saw the Blitz Dames finish the first period well in the lead, with a score of 86-45.

Period 2 saw a revitalised MMR come out with a much more effective pack strategy, and their hard-hitting blockers made it tough for the opposition to score in the first few jams. However, an injury to key blocker Smokin Ace took her out for the day, and once play resumed the Blitz Dames took advantage to rack up an 80 point lead on the visitors. Hard knocks abounded, with BBDD jammer Gun Bunny also needing medical attention after ending up at the bottom of a very dramatic pile up! The medical team were quick to react though and both skaters were able to join in with the skate round at the end of the bout, which was big relief for everyone watching. The Milk Rollers continued to fight hard but their jammers were tiring and in the end they were no match for the Blitz Dames. The final score was 198-78 – an impressive debut for the Milk Rollers and another win for the Birmingham team.




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22 04 2009
Germaine Leer

yo yo
thank you so much for the write up…’s so mental doing your first one it goes by in a blur. MMR worked bloody hard to prepare for it and our guiests from aarg and bedford were AWESOME – seriously those ladies were just spot on.

BBDD will be coming to play us in Boro in 2010 date tbc…can’t wait! Hope you can come see us again!

23 04 2009
Helena Hancart

I enjoyed the bout and thought MMR put up a valiant attack especially when they picked it up in the second half.

Nice write up Lexi, but I think depicting BBRD as a broken down toy train in your link is a little disrespectful to Track Widow and Inky Minx that worked hard to visit MMR to train and take part in the bout- like Germaine said- the girls were all awesome.

24 04 2009

Helena, the Thomas the tank Engine link was my addition to Lexi’s write up. No disrespect to Track Widow or Inky Minx was intended, nor would I wish to call into question the awesomeness of any the skaters involved in the bout.


24 04 2009

This is a fair review, thanks Lexi. It was a fun bout to watch and the MMR girls did an excellent job. Well done Blitz Dames for hosting a fantastic game and giving more leagues opportunities to come and skate in public.


25 04 2009
Lexi Leven

Glad you guys liked the write up – I enjoyed the bout!

27 04 2009
Helena Hancart

Thanks for that Mollie, I’m glad no disrespect was meant to the girls, but I do still feel it’s a bit unfair that you’ve linked to the other league’s websites that were involved in the day but not ours. We are still here playing roller derby, and are still active. Our website is still active too and we’ve not fallen off the rails just yet!

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