Handmade Birthday goodness!

19 02 2009

THANK YOU to everyone who came to celebrate our birthday with us! We’re now full of the warm fuzzy derby love, and dishing it out to the kick ass cake bakers, knuckle duster bunting makers, skate-shaped cookie cutter welders, DJs, Lindy dancers, and raffle prize creators and donators who made it happen. We love you! Yes, knuckle duster bunting, you read that right. Lime green and leopard print nipple tassles, several impressive moustaches, a leopard print teapot, skate shaped cookies, psychedelic cupcakes, fishnet covered fine art, and pants crafted from stuffed animals. What more could you want for your birthday?

shotsHuge gratitude is also due to whichever member of the prize-winning public pulled Captain Carnage’s raffle ticket out of the bag – he could have had alcohol, he could have had a date with aWeSoMe Welles, but no – what did he want? AWESOME SOCK MONKEY!


We are assured that AWESOME SOCK MONKEY will be accompanying Carnage on all future rollerbilly business. We’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and thanks to Andy for all the stickers saying BOLLOCKS. We had fun with those on the way home.




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20 02 2009
X-Ray Bex

I want more birthdays.

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