Want some glitter in your bearings?

5 01 2009

We decided we’d see the new year in with some new challenges. We were invited to Salon Rouge as part of their splendid hospitality team, so the challenges were… make costumes to wear, make badges with Mollie’s new badge making machine (yay!), ice cupcakes, make cute little trays for the cupcakes, wear false eyelashes (surely gluing things to your eyes is wrong?), and get us, all our supplies, and four dozen freshly iced cupcakes into a cab… then skate whist holding trays of cupcakes in semi darkness surrounded by paying guests. Easy! We love a bit of DIY, so we got our scissors, glue, cardboard, ribbon, and jumble sale leopard print fabric, spread it all over the floor, chose some making-stuff music, and set about getting our burlesque on, Blue Peter style. In no time at all, the glue was dry, our eyes luckily weren’t glued shut, and we were ready to go.


It turned out that cupcakes aren’t in high demand right after the indulgence of xmas, and they’re even less appealing to people wearing corsets. Damnit, we thought cupcakes were never wrong! Our world was turned upside down. So the beautiful people didn’t want our cupcakes, fine; but how could they resist our roller derby? Armed with our flyers, we cast our eyes over the crowd in search of new recruits. Once they’d had done a little drinking everyone got more inclined to ask us questions, and we found ourselves talking to some ideal new rollergirls. They were intrigued; what better new year’s resolution to make than to kick some ass?



If you’re out there, flyer recipients, you know what to do. If you’re that girl who invited us to stick the flyer in your mouth on the dance floor, we mean you too. We did get some glitter in our bearings, had a few near misses involving stray feathers and beverages on the skating surfaces, and all our green stuff looked a bit brown under the red lights, but we had a superb night. Everyone looked fabulous, and the DJ played The Walkin Blues by the Jesse Powell Orchestra. Happy!


Thank you so much to the Salon Rouge team for having us, and for inviting us back. What will we make for next time? You’ll have to wait and see. Thanks to Andrew Stubbs for the ace photographs, and to everyone, happy new year from the Rollerbillies!





6 responses

7 01 2009
Margy Bargy

I love reading your blogs! (*^.^*)

8 01 2009
Auntie Terror

Me too!

12 01 2009
minx a'matosis

…me three…always awesome! x

12 01 2009
Lexi Leven

You ladies look awesome! And I want a badge 🙂

13 01 2009

We’ll bring some badges to Clockwork Carnage and flog em to ya in the pub after x M

19 01 2009
Red N Roll

Oh wow it looks like u had a great time!
See u soon my lovelys!

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