Rollerbillies kick December’s ass

29 12 2008

December is a drag. Everyone who works in retail is cranky, exhausted, and oppressed by Christmas, and everyone else is busy making more work for the people who work in retail – and training in December sucks if half your team is stuck in the shops. Luckily the Rollerbillies’ Xmas Party was held outside of retailing hours (yes, these do still exist.. barely) and featured Last Gang in Town DJs, sweeties, tinsel, and mince pies hand crafted by Hermaphroditie – unmissable!


second-picWith half the team too overwhelmed by festivity to train, we needed to find some other girls to skate with. We figured it would be fun to find the other little groups and make one big group, and it made us feel all full of Christmassy togetherness. First we invited ourselves to train with the Bedford Bandits, and then we invited Bedford and LRG to come skate with us.

Our refs met more refs and got some insight into the complexities of reffing for our scrimmages, and we had fun skating with some old and new friends. The week after it was mainly our fresh meat who were free of Christmas, so they lucked out and got an intensive basic skills session from Kitty, and with the Bandits along too, we got to do some more scrimmaging as well. Yesterday, LRG and Bedford were back, and we racked up an impressive black eye, a gory smack in the nose, and a youchy split lip. We must have been on the nice list.




Thanks to the Bedford Bandits and to LRG for skating with us! And thanks to the London Rockin Rollers for the ace Christmas card. We didn’t send any cards, sorry.. we suck.




3 responses

29 12 2008
Kitty DeCapitate

Thanks for having us x 2!!!! It was great to get some skating in on our month off and also to skate with you ladies and Bedford! See you all soon hopefully!!! xoxoxo

30 12 2008
G Dog

I ahve but one word for all of this… Awesome!

30 12 2008
Red N Roll

Yeah, glad u liked the card!
Hope to see u guys again soon!

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