X-Ray Bex wins raffle!

10 12 2008

And not any old raffle either; the CHRISTMAS QUARREL raffle. X-Ray got the Vivienne of Holloway dress and a Rollerbilly green scarf – score! – but that wasn’t the only good thing that happened on Saturday. The STEAM ROLLERS and the SUFFRA JETS played a blistering hot game of roller derby, and as usual we got to bring some bout virgins along and hear the word awesome used more times than it usually should be in one day. We did tell them that you have to run round the track naked the first time you go to a bout, but our newbies are a bit too clever for us.


It’s getting difficult to decide who to cheer for, but you know we’ve got some loyalties (see below). We’ve seen the Suffra Jets win First Blood with their awesome lineup, so we thought the Steam Rollers could use our shout. And we shouted a lot. The Suffra Jets had obviously spent some time scheming on how to take out Sky Rockit and prevent those high score jams, but she came back stronger and stronger as the game went on. And there was no way the Suffra Jets could have prepared for the awesome relentlessness of Raw Heidi (and nor were we in any way prepared for her awesome karaoke performance at the afterparty; wow, all this for only eight quid?) By the third period the Steam Rollers had narrowed the points gap, but finished the game on 89-103. If only there was a fourth period… It was a hard hitting sixty minutes; we saw some very intelligent violence and we got hit by at least three rollergirls. Quad Ophelia even got a bruise. Awesome.



Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of the outstanding Christmas costumes – we were having too much fun to be that journalistically organised. If anyone has a photo of Bandit as Santa which they’d like to see here on the blog, please let us know. We did get a picture of our new ref, aWeSoMe Welles, with the LRG ref team, which was nice since the official photographer asked him to move out of the frame when he was taking our pictures. And we thought he was making it up when he said people are always hating on bladers. Maybe now he’ll get some quads. Despite these minor setbacks, he thought the whole experience was awesome and woke up the next day clutching his bout program and Suffra Jets t-shirt. (Still he refuses to yield to our colour scheme.) Nonetheless, we love him: skating not hating.

As usual, we had a super great day, loved the after party, and only just made the last train back to Romsey Town. We scored a potential new recruit, and may have succeeded in planting the seed of a new league.. we’ll keep you posted on that one. Our fingers are crossed. Oh, and guess what else was awesome?





9 responses

10 12 2008

was a great bout, couldn’t choose who to support either was impressed with both teams….and was great to meet my fav new roller gals! xx

11 12 2008
Kitty DeCapitate

Wow! what an AWESOME review!!! I love reading your blog!!!!!!!!
Thanks for coming down again, and hopefully see you very soon!

15 12 2008
X-Ray Bex

This is an awesome write-up Mollie!
The bout was awesome! Steam Rollers were awesome! Suffra Jets were awesome!
My scarf and dress are awesome!
And my eyes didn’t even bleed looking directly at a photo of Awesome Wellies!

16 12 2008
Hope N. Gory

Goddamn, if it was so good you forgot to take notes then I REALLY should have been there!!! Having no money sucks!!

Glad you had an AWESOME time!! xxx

16 12 2008

If I hadn’t used photoshop magic to protect you from such AWESOME levels of sartorial discord, your eyes would have bled and fallen out. You can buy me a drink to say thanks later.

23 12 2008
sky rockit

great write-up!! who took those wicked pics?? i want!! x

23 12 2008
Auntie Terror #907

I made that scarf!

I’m so chuffed you like it!

23 12 2008
Raw Heidi


28 12 2008
X-Ray Bex

Auntie Terror… I totally LOVE the scarf!!! (the dress doesn’t fit my enormous boobies, sadly… still trying to find a god home for it….)

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