The hazards of constructive criticism

29 11 2008

If you check out the comments below the last entry, you can see that one of the Dames wasn’t happy with the write up of Band of Brawlers. As one Rollerbilly to that one Dame, I figured I should respond:

I’m sorry you don’t like the blog entry for band of brawlers.

I have no doubt that bouts are hard work. This is a public blog. I’m writing as a fan. Obviously I’m not going to be aware of whatever is going on with your production team. I paid to see the event and I’m writing it up.

I’m a little shocked that you don’t think both teams playing deserve to have encouragement and support. The Dames had all their friends and families present; why shouldn’t some people in the audience cheer for the visitors?

If I’d come all the way from Germany to play, I’d like to think someone would show my team some support. We’re not actually living in wartime. I can support Germany if I choose to.

You shouldn’t be afraid of people encouraging your opposition. Every player who gets better forces others to improve, and drives the sport forward. That’s what the fans want to see, and it should be what the skaters want to see too.

As for the reffing, all I said was that from an audience point of view the bout was confusing. We’re members of the audience, we’re trying to understand the play. I didn’t say there was anything wrong with the calls or scores, I only said that there wasn’t much commentary to make them all clear.

Not every audience member is going to be a rollergirl; the rules are complicated and as the Dames point out on their blog, they do change. New versions of the rules make it even more important for you help the general public to understand what’s happening.

We definitely learned that staging a bout is a lot harder than it looks. It’s up to you whether or not you do cupcakes and how frequently you decide to bout. I stand by my review and you should stand by your event without making excuses.





8 responses

1 12 2008

I just wanted to comment that I wholeheartedly agree with your blog and I’m disappointed with myself that I’m so tardy in writing one myself!

You’re totally within your rights to critique the bout as an audience member (no matter what your experience of roller derby or bout production) and I think you were fair and constructive!

I’d have felt the need to point out that a few of the audience members think the final scores were un-representative of the actual points scored within the game (i.e. germany should have won)…oh look, I just did!…and I defend my right to say that because I was watching that game and the points going up on the scoreboard definately did NOT seem to tally with what was happening on the track.

*stops before she writes a blog instead of a comment*

thanks for a great write up x

1 12 2008

i agree with your comments mollie, your points are fair and just.

1 12 2008

Ahhh, the joys of the internet. At least the comments weren’t as bad as the ones you see on youtube.

1 12 2008

Dear readers,

A comment on this post was temporarily suspended earlier today. Subsequently the Rollerbillies Directors have voted to approve all comments to the blog (unless they are trying to sell us all viagra or car insurance). The suspended comment has been reinstated.

We value free speech and encourage debate. We also give extra points for nice punctuation and well constructed arguments. So if you’ve got something to say, fill your boots.

x Mollie

2 12 2008
X-Ray Bex

The great thing about events being reviewed on the internet, (and this is not just for derby, but for everything) is that readers have the right- and instant ability- to reply, and agreeing and disagreeing with a piece are two sides of the same coin.

2 12 2008

So when do RTRB bout BBDD then, I think that would be worth watching 😉

3 12 2008

I liked the write-up. I was hoping to be able to go to the bout, but missed it due to an interstellar invasion. So, thanks Mollie.

I reckon as long as you’re charging people, you better be ready to hear if they’re not happy about what they paid for, just like you should be proud if they sing your praises. Just my £0.02.

Oh, and I’ve got a great deal going on Viagra if anyone wants in – 1 box comes with a year’s free car insurance! What a deal.


6 12 2008
Diamondback Belle

Hi Mollie,

It is good to hear what the crowd think of our bout production (we’ve only held a few and it’s still early days – we’re learning!). And of course you can support whoever you want – I think it’s more fun for the visiting league (especially visiting from another country, which makes it hard for their own fans!) to have some guys to cheer them on.

As to other comments, it’s quite rude to say that the refs were wrong and Stuttgart should have won. We skated hard and the score was close, but there were ref decisions that were hard on both sides – there were decisions in that bout that Stuttgart disagreed with and some that we disagreed with – but that’s in the nature of any sport! It’s sad that we had such a great game, skating against a fantastic team, and then there’s all this negativity afterwards. Saying that Stuttgart should have won or (as I’ve seen on other pages) that there was talk of match rigging leaves a really sour taste.

We’re putting our asses on the track to win or lose, fair and square. We come, we play, we have a good time. Let’s all leave it at that and look forward to the next bout!

Derby love n shuvs,

Diamondback x (Blitz Dames)

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