LRG wore our panties

12 11 2008

What’s the best way to show your newbie skaters and refs what roller derby is all about? Seeing a real live bout is sure to fire them up and show them how the game works, but bouts don’t come along every weekend (yet) so when LRG offered to join us for training, we knew this would be a great opportunity for everyone to see how things should be done. We were lucky enough to have Kitty Decapitate, Sky Rockit, Kamikaze Kitten, Sinister Mary Clarence, Lola Volcano, and Star Spangled Bandit along for a three hour session – after which they went back to London to go training again. Hardcore.


Every time we’ve had the chance to skate with other leagues, we’ve learned so much. Having more skaters at training gives us the chance to scrimmage (with our hot new panties), get feedback on what we’ve been up to, and learn new drills. Having guest skaters along – plus all the admiring extra people who turned up –  packed out our venue, which was awesome. George Danezis, who photographed us skating at the Mill Road Social Centre (see Squat Skating posts below from over the summer), came along and took these pictures for us. We like how he makes it look like we’re going at warp speed.


Rollerbilly love to Kitty, Sky, Kami, Lola, Sin and Spangie – our derby brains are lots bigger now thanks to you, and we had a great time. Our newbie Rollerbillies bravely threw themselves in at the deep end and did us proud, and all our skaters and refs are fired up to train – and really looking forward to the next LRG bout. Much derby love also to George for the photos, and to Carmela for writing us up on her blog.


If you want to watch some awesome roller derby, you should get tickets for LRG’s next bout – Christmas Quarrel: Steam Rollers vs. Suffrajets – on December 6th. Tickets are on sale at See you there!




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