The bout we missed…

4 11 2008

We were gutted that Capital Punishment, the LRG v BBDD bout, was scheduled the same day as our fundraiser, but lucky for us we’ve got eyes and ears everywhere via our northernwards correspondent, the lovely Emma Jackson. Not only did we get score updates via text – it was almost as though we liked sport – we got this report:
emma1As your Romsey Town Rollerbillies representative I thoroughly enjoyed watching the London Brawlers smash BBDD. There were a couple of brave souls on the BBDD team who upheld the spirit of the sport and appreciated the talent shown to them by LRG. The Brawlers as a team and their supporters showed us all how it’s done.

The consummate professionalism of the LRG shone through in all parts of their game. Fox Sake, Hula Gunn and Belle DeBrawl were awesome in defense. Kitty Decapitate and Sky Rockit shot through the LRG teams Jam records lifting the standard to aim even higher.

And after all was said and done the after party was fun and LRG proved to be the friendliest on and off the track… My it was a fabulous saturday.

Final score: LRG 274 – BBDD 23.




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