Rollerbillies’ profits exceed 11p

8 09 2008

Last night the Rollerbillies and the Last Gang DJs put on a fundraiser in aid of our starving kitty. We’re not the most gifted capitalists, and we price our cupcakes competitively, so our Pink Festival stall made us exactly 11p. Obviously the value of our new recruits is inestimable, and our stall kicked ass, but we need the cold, hard, jingly cash – we could use some more little orange cones from the Early Learning Centre, and we’d feel bad stealing from the children. Happily, we won’t have to – the music was swell, the people turned up, they gave us money, let us write on their hands, and bought our badges. And it turns out the floor in the pub is quite nice for skating. We’re in business.




6 responses

8 09 2008
Ruby Hurl

11p? Did you know, Ruby Hurl’s number is 11?? It must be a sign… Well done girls, you rock! Can I have a badge? I’ll give you a shiny gold coin for it..
Hoobie Rurl xx

12 09 2008

Thank you for your comments Hoobie. Are you a Ruby Hurl fan by any chance?

13 09 2008
Ruby Hurl

Yes! She’s super swell! The raddest rollergirl on R3’s! Is it really true she can bench-press a 747?

13 09 2008

No, she only thinks she can.

15 09 2008

11p, you guys crack me up.

12 11 2008
X-Ray Bex

Wow! We have a wordpress thing! And people write on it. Who does that then? God I love you lot.

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