Did you see us at Pink Festival?

1 09 2008

If you were there you wouldn’t have missed us – we were the only ones in green. And if you weren’t there, you totally missed out – the sun was shining, everyone was having a lovely time, there was a little machine pumping bubbles all over the place, and the Rollerbillies’ stall was awesome. Not only did we have a cosy chill out area (featuring a live napping rollergirl), we had stacks of flyers, 100 cupcakes with dinky little flags, Rollerbillies merch, clipboards, and our smiley recruiting faces.

In between recruiting, we ate some sweets given to us by strangers, enjoyed tasty falafels and fine goat curry, and skated around on a little platform which was intended either for wheelchair users or wannabe podium dancers. Back on the stall, we met some excellent people, tempted passers-by with our lurid cupcakes, and got lots of names on our sign-up sheets. One girl got so excited after we explained roller derby to her, she hugged Quad Ophelia and squealed. Good times.

So by 3pm we’d run out of flyers, and we’d even sold our decorative derby Barbie. By take-down time all the cupcakes had been sold (or eaten by us) and our feet hurt. Grass and lumpy park paths are not the best surfaces for rollergirls on skates, but it looked like the trannies in stripper shoes and the hippies on stilts were treading carefully too, so everyone got to hone some skills.

If you’re interested in becoming a Rollerbillly and you haven’t given us your email address, contact us at rollerbillies@gmail.com and we can add you to our mailing list. We’ll be running a skate session for new recruits soon, so we’ll send you details, or you can arrange to watch some training if you want to see us in action.




6 responses

1 09 2008

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! The stall looks fuckin’ awesome & you roller girls look so cool in those vests! Nice one! So sad I missed out but I’m glad we printed all those vests as they look really awesome on the stall. The banner is fantastic too! Well done xx

3 09 2008

I went and fetched my skates from my parents’ house, so I am ready for it whenever that e-mail drops by! 😀

*hopes her address is legible enough*

8 09 2008
Ruby Hurl

Dear RTRB, I think you’re the hottest derby league ever ever ever! Please can I skate with you? I hear you can piss standing up, is this true & is it a WFTDA requirement? Hooby Rurl xx

12 09 2008

Hey Guys,

Saw you at Pink Festival, you looked awesome on your skates, I wish I was any good on them – I just look like a giraffe on ice skates.

Got some pics in the gallery over at http://www.greatbritishpride.com too 🙂

12 11 2008
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