Rollerbillies survive epic skate marathon

16 08 2008

Last weekend, a handful of the RTRB trekked down to Goodwood, West Sussex to take part in a charity roller marathon hosted by The Camberley Skaters in aid of the NSPCC. Driving Destructor, Hermaphrodite, Mollie Cosh & Ruby Hurl pulled up to the old motorcar race track in Driving’s Thunder Wheels, cramped up & nervous, but raring to put their derby eights on the tarmac and skate for victory! Okay, nobody was going to win gold, but they were all hell-bent on skating as many of the 2.42 mile-long laps as possible.

Goodwood Roller Marathon is the largest in the UK and attracts skaters young and old from every reach of the country. A array of disciplines were in attendance this year, from speed skaters with super long inlines, to fellow quaddies, long boarders and ski-polers. RTRB were proud to be part of the Roller Derby contingent, alongside some of the London Rockin’ Rollers who also started in this years race.

The course was tough work on quads, and slaughtering gale force winds made it even tougher. Situated in the middle of the track was a live airstrip, so vintage airplanes were flying in to land as the RTRB made way round the old circuit, the rain clouds threatening to open above; ‘What about our bearings?!’ It was a great craic.

A big cheers to all the great folk involved in establishing this awesome fixture in the skating calendar, and well done to the girls for their first long distance skate, who between them managed to clock up their milage to a massive 87.12 – two full marathons from Hermaphrodite and Ruby, and two halves (plus a few!) from Mollie and Driving.. Well done!

x Ruby Hurl x




4 responses

21 08 2008

Not sure if you are aware or not, but I took a photo of one of your ladies at the water stop

The wind this year was the worst ever. So don’t let it put you off doing the event again.

21 08 2008

Thanks PeterM! The lads at the water stop were a great help, shame I kept dropping the damn cups everytime I got them! We’ll be there again next year, wind won’t stop a Rollerbilly! ha!

21 08 2008

Glad you found the waterstop of benefit. We aim to please. This year was our busiest ever, but we had more help than usual, so just about kept ahead of the game.

22 08 2008

It was great to be around so many forms of skating! We were only too happy to be there! Top job Sir! In future, if you need any support from us derby girls please don’t hesitate to contact us, The Rollerbillies would be thrilled to pitch in and do our bit! Thanks again, RH.

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