Are none of you local?

6 08 2008

Some rollergirls aren’t content with one alter ego: when Sailor Cherry and Chelsea Smile aren’t being Rollerbillies, they’re putting on gigs and DJ nights as part of the Last Gang in Town, Cambridge’s purveyors of all things punk, psychobilly and ska. On Sunday night, they hosted the Graveyard Johnnys, Henry and the Bleeders, and the legendary Quakes at the Man on the Moon.

We figured that we might find some potential Rollerbillies in the crowd, so we got our flyers and posters printed up and started scouting. Since Tesco kicked us out of our local skating venue (see below), our freshly printed (and numerous) flyers were a bit inaccurate, but as it turned out this was the least of our worries. The crowd was awesome, the hair was outstanding, the girls looked like rollergirls waiting to happen.. but it turned out that none of them live here.

Such was the appeal of the line up, they’d come in a crowd on the bus from Hemsby.. they’d travelled down from Lowestoft.. two of them even came from Bedford. We did actually find two from Cambridge, but regrettably they considered themselves too delicate for derby. Still, we gave them flyers anyway. We gave everyone flyers. And we still have a stack of them. Anyway, the gig was awesome, we met some neat people from somewhat far off places, and we got to wear our new Rollerbillies shirts, so no complaints.




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