LRG v Team Canada

13 06 2008

Last Saturday we were in London for MUTINY ON THE MOUNTIE – London Rollergirls vs Team Canada in the UK’s first international derby bout. Since derby has been going on for much longer in the US and Canada, and since TC had the derby skills of an entire country at their disposal, we were thinking LRG might finally get their asses whipped. But NO! Despite some brutal plays from Canada, London had the superior skills and strategy. On the other hand, our ace flags may have been the deciding factor.

Team Canada obviously too preoccupied getting their asses in London’s face to notice Sky Rockit sneaking up on the inside for another kick ass jam. We love Sky.




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16 07 2008

We can’t take credit for “the UK’s first international derby bout”, that was Glasgow Rollergirls vs Team Canada the evening before.

Nice site btw.


PS – We love Sky too, you can’t have her, hehehe.

15 09 2008

Saw your posters around Cambridge and I’m interested in coming and cheering along the Rollerbillies. When can I see your next jam? And will you ever have matches(? bouts?) locally in Cambridge?

15 09 2008

Hey Carbon – we’re not bouting as yet as we’re a pretty new team, but we’ll be knocking each other over in public as soon as possible. If you wana be added to our mailing list, email us from your real address 😉

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